We Are Not Ourselves
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Dark Angel


Darren Criss
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Darren Criss
Idina Menzel

They haven’t talked in almost a week, which is saying something since they live together. But Kurt is so stubborn. And Blaine swore to himself he wouldn’t break first because this isn’t his damn fault. Well, ok, part of it is of course, because no fight is entirely one sided. But Kurt is the one who blew it way out of proportion so he should be the one who apologizes first.

But the problem is that Blaine misses Kurt. He sees Kurt every day, but they don’t say anything to each other, and it’s making Blaine a little crazy. It’s gotten to the point where Blaine isn’t even mad anymore, he’s just being stubborn, hoping Kurt will be the one to give in. 

He doesn’t. 

Blaine is on the way home from class one day, taking his usual route, when he sees that there has been an accident up ahead. There’s a small prick of panic in the back of his mind because Kurt takes this route too, but takes it a little earlier than Blaine. Usually they go together, but since the fight Kurt hasn’t been waiting for Blaine to get out of class and just goes on ahead.

But it’s probably nothing. It’s not Kurt, it can’t be Kurt. 

Even so, Blaine can’t help but walk a little faster to get to the accident site, just to reassure himself. There’s a crowd and he hears murmurs. A man was hit by a cab.

Blaine’s heart stops as his mind goes into overdrive. He hasn’t told Kurt he loves him in almost a week. The last time they spoke they were fighting. What if Kurt got hit by a cab and dies? Or what if he loses his memory? Or what if—?

He gets to the front of the crowd and sees the person laying on the concrete. 

It’s not Kurt. 

Blaine breathes again. He hadn’t even realized he was holding his breath but he now feels so relieved and all he can think about is getting home.

“I’m sorry, ok?”

It’s the first thing he says when he walks in the door. Kurt looks up from where he’s eating at the kitchen table, looking surprised. 

Blaine continues. “I’m sorry and I’m not even mad anymore I’m just glad you’re here and not in the street dying. God, I miss you I don’t ever want to fight again. I just had the most terrifying experience. I thought you were dead and the last thing I said to you was something stupid and hateful. So please, let’s never fight and never stop speaking to me ever again because I can’t stand it. Please. Say something.”

Kurt hasn’t moved since Blaine walked in. He’s holding his fork over his plate, staring at Blaine with a blank expression on his face. It almost doesn’t seem like Kurt is going to say anything, just continue to hold a grudge. But then he puts down his fork, folds his hands in front of him on the table and says, “Marry me.”

Blaine’s heart stops for the second time that night. This seems like too much to go through in one day and for a moment he’s worried this can’t be at all healthy for him. Surely this one night has taken ten years off his life. 

Kurt is staring at him and Blaine is staring back unmoving and he realizes he hasn’t answered yet. 

He nods. Smiles. Then says, “Okay.”

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