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Acting Crazy Like That

Summary: In which there’s a new love interest for Kurt and Darren is the jealous type.


"Who the fuck is Paul?" Darren asks, holding the script up to Chris.

Chris shrugs, not looking up from his computer. “I guess Kurt is getting a new love interest.”

Darren looks back down at the script and starts frantically flipping through the pages. “Bullshit. Kurt and Blaine just shared a fucking ice skating date and now Kurt’s getting a new love interest? Who is this Paul? Has he been cast yet?” Darren looks around as if he’ll see a man walking past with a sign around his neck saying Hi I’m Paul, I’m here to kick Blaine in heart.

"Not yet," Chris says, his eyebrows creasing in the middle as he studies Darren, "Why are you freaking out?"

"Why are you not?” Darren asks. “Oh, God, Chris tell me Kurt doesn’t kiss Paul.”

Chris laughs. “I don’t know Darren, but it’ll be ok.”

"No it won’t. I don’t want you- I mean I don’t want Kurt- Blaine doesn’t want Kurt kissing anyone else.”

"Well maybe he should have thought of that before he slept with Eli," Chris says calmly, pressing the random button again on wikipedia. 

"Wow, Chris. That was a low blow."

"Have you ever heard of Dr. Drew?"


Chris points at his computer screen. “I’m reading this article and it says-“

"I’m trying to have a serious conversation here and you’re telling me useless shit?"

Chris raises his eyebrows at him. “A serious conversation about two fictional characters who we know will end up together in the end?”

"I just…" Darren sighs and runs a hand through his hair. "I get jealous, ok? I don’t want you kissing other guys."

There’s silence for a moment as Darren’s words settle over them and Darren realizes his mistake too late. “You mean Blaine gets jealous?” Chris asks.

Darren nods. “Yeah, yeah, of course that’s what I meant.”

Right. Because the burning in his gut is just character bleed. It’s Darren feeling bad for Blaine. Darren isn’t jealous that Chris might be kissing other guys. No way, why would he be jealous of that?

Chris closes his laptop and stands up with it. “Well, I’m sure Blaine will be just fine. And he can take comfort in the fact that he’s the only guy Kurt really wants to be kissing anyway.”

Darren almost asks if they’re still talking about Kurt and Blaine.

Chris walks away to his trailer and Darren feels only slightly assuaged. He still hates the possibility that someone else might get to kiss Chris.

Kurt. I totally mean Kurt.

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