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title: Ghosting
artist: Freelance Whales
album: Weathervanes
played: 349 times

I was listening to this song and this fic happened (I recommend listening to it while you read). Yeah, I have prompts I’m working on. But the writing bug bit me and this wouldn’t leave me alone. So have some CrissColfer college AU.


There’s a certain kind of tranquility that settles over Chris when he’s around Darren. Ever since he got to college it seemed to be something inevitable. Like eventually he would find a way to fit in somewhere. And he has. He’s made plenty of friends and he’s really felt like he belongs here. But there’s something special, something different about being around Darren. It’s like he’s settling into himself. Darren calms him, just with his presence, makes him feel like he hasn’t been completely natural before. But around Darren, suddenly he doesn’t worry about who he his or how he’s presenting himself because Darren accepts all of it. 

So when Chris starts having a melt-down in his dorm room, he can only really think of one person to go to.

He goes straight to Darren’s, knocks on the door and hears a “Come in” from inside. He enters and sees Darren with his guitar, for once not surrounded by a large group of people which Chris is thankful for. 

"Hey, Chris, what’s goin on man?" Darren says, his smile lighting up his whole face.

Chris isn’t sure how to answer. He wants to be around Darren, that’s the whole reason he came. But he’s never actually opened up before and laid everything out for someone. And there’s a big difference from living without any friends to having this person who you not only want to open up to but who is willing to listen. 

"Will you go for a walk with me?"

Darren’s eyebrows furrow for a moment, but he puts his guitar aside immediately. “Yeah, of course… everything ok?”

Chris makes some sort of noise that comes out resembling “Yeah, sure, fine,” but it’s a half-hearted attempt at speaking. All he really wants to do is think clearly and the only way he really sees himself doing that is if he’s not here.

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